Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The sad state of Patna, Bihar.

My Mom, called me last week, and told me to Tweet to Narendra Modi, I was taken aback. My mother who does not know much about computers, how does she even know about tweets. Not showing my surprise I asked her what the matter was and she told me about the pitiful state of New Jakkanpur, DVC area, Patna Bihar, how it is degrading, so this blog post is on behalf of my Mom. 

First thing she wanted to tell Narendra Modi, is that the people of India are looking upto him and they expect him to deliver. My mom does not know computers but she asked me to tweet, this means that the common man is now aware about how he can reach his Prime Minister. 

She wanted me to tell you that the MLA and MP's are not living upto the promise and have not taken an effort yet to reach out to the public and solve their problem.

Second, The sewers in the area New Jakkanpur are blocked and water is getting logged on the road and now almost entering the house. Since the sewer is blocked the water inside the house is not going out either, as a result it has become increasing difficult to use the bathroom and toilets. It has rained and the condition has even worsened. The images though are of last week before the rains. They do not have access to internet so they are unable to send me latest images. 

Third, The garbage is not getting cleaned properly. It gets cleaned only once in a month and in the meantime it keeps getting collected by the side of the road. It smells so bad that she has stopped going for morning walks. 

Personally, what I feel is that in the first read these might not look like big issues but they are big infact very big. We can sense the change in common people. My mom asking me to tweet was no small thing. She is requesting his Primer Minister to talk to him MP's and MLA's to perform the needful.

I hope you will listen.