Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why do i love to hack Kde ? Google Summer of code journey[part1]

It wasn't a very long time back that a friend of mine asked me "Kaushik, Why are you still hacking kde?" At first I frowned(at myself obviously :P), and my instantaneous thought was, why I shoudn't be hacking kde, but then, as the normal assumption of my friends around me was that I was hacking kde just for the sake of Google summer of code and as the summer of code was over, they were expecting me to move on, so I did some digging of my soul and tried to figure out "Why Kde?"

Because my Gsoc proposal was selected? Because of its excellent community support? I like to code for fun ? I love kde?
YES!! Honestly all these reasons contribute equally! :)
But i feel a kind of sense of attachment with Kde( honest and biggest reason of all :P).

Kde && Summer-of-code was my first introduction to Open Source Culture. Saying it another way would be like, Google summer of code was my first step towards contribution to Open Source s/w development.

In January when, Leslie Hawthorn shot a mail in the Soc mailing list that soc is on for this year, things got hot and I started to look for a good project idea which worthy enough to get selected.  Since the desire inside me to get a proposal selected was strong, i decided that i will go thorugh the entire list of participating organizations, see their ideas, look for ideas they proposed and ideas that got selected to get the touch and feel of summer of code.  In order to select a good organization I actually browsed through the idea-website of the entire 185(approx of 2008) + the organizations that took part in 2007+2006. A very tiring job indeed, but from a guy who didnt even know a single Open source Organization or who didnt even know clearly what open source was all about, got to know a lot of names of Open Source Communities, along with what language they use, and what kind of s/w they develop etc etc.
From the entire list I selected some 20-25 organizations, then finally after keeping in my mind some of my interests(mind you, at that time, i didnt even know about kde or how open source development works), I selected 3 project ideas, from Ns-3, Enlightenment, and Kde. I had spen a lot of time, in selecting these 3 ideas, so I now had very less time to prepare for proposals. Maybe somewhere around 20-25th feb I guess.

Keeping in mind the idea, I shot mails to the concerned mailing list of ns-3 and Kde. The reply i got from the Kde community was instaneous, and then i joined the #decibel and #kde-telepathy channel(to talk to my mentor) who had actually proposed the idea, George Goldberg ( irc - grundleborg ) on IRC.

While discussing about the idea, i came in interaction with Kevin Krammer( kde-pim , Akonadi Developer), and Tobias Hunger( decibel developer, haven seen him around from a long time). All four of us spent a lot of time, talking on this idea, with great contributions from all of them. Any one missing from this 4 and i woudn't have been able to write the proposal as i wrote.

U know, it was a totally different feeling. I was being helped by them; on my proposal and thats when i realized that, The community wants the Participants to suceed as much as the participants wants to succeed( and that kde is not only a community but a kind of family :P )

 KDE ROCKS!!! :-)
Not only this, but slowly i evolved to become a part of cummunity during the entire phase of summer of code. More to come soon :-)