Monday, April 27, 2009

Design of the Project ---

Day7 --April27th

On one side is the Application, Kopete history plugin, and Telepathy watcher,
in between lies Akonadi server and at the rightmost is the backend(logs).

If we divide the pic in 2 parts, left and right, then the rightmost part is actually or will be a framework for logging conversatons.

Two important functions identified for the library are
1. It consists of a Konversation class, which represents a conversation. This class consists of only the chat data.
A conversation has 3 important parts at the moment,

a) date/time
b) nick/contact name
c) your text chats

2.The second part of the library write/read of the chats, will be used extensively by the resource. An important function of the library can be identified as *assisting* the resource.
When a chat is initiated in kopete, the history plugin
will send chats to Akonadi. When this request is made,
the resource then passes chat object to the library, and lets the
library handle how/where it is going to save it.

When kopete(client) asks for old chats, the resource then uses the library to fetch the chats from the backend.

So Library becomes the framework, that manages the text chats(logs). The in depth details of how the library will assist still needs to be worked out by me!!


  1. hehe...I don't understand a

  2. Kaushik, thanks for sharing the insight, this is keeping me inspired me time and again. thanks!

  3. Abhishek, My Learning curve was exponential and yours will too be. I can see that you are passionate about Gsoc. This is the kind of people Open source communities are looking for.