Friday, April 24, 2009

Progress till now.

Day4 - April 24nd -friday
Its been one and half hour since i hv come back from college, and i m sitting on on my lappy, tring to build kde. :)
That was the story till now.

Day3 - April 23nd -thursday

Coming back home after installation, i started to install Kde.
Wednesday night, whole of thursday. Complete time i had on thursday i spend my day, reading how to install kde from svn.
I spend my whole complete day, in trying to download and install kde.
Even the whole day was not enough, as kde also took some time, in downloading, and as the linux installation was new i had to install certain other dependencied of kde as well. I slept at 5am(can be considered friday) but the installation was still not complete.

Day2 - April 22nd -wednesday
Trouble by the fact the my dvd was giving errors in installation, i went to the man i brought the dvd from. He gave me another dvd. Now it just so happend that i got the same error from that dvd also.
This time i took my lappy to his home, along with the dvd.
Now the war begins. Both of us, me and that man(who was the authorised Distributor of) linux flavours, together we spent some minimum 4 hours trying to install linux in it. In all the dvd's and in all possible combinations we got all kinds of errors we could.
Result was a failure.
Just when i was about to loose hope, i spotted a linux cd in his drawer. This was the same dvd i once got free with Magazine, Linux For you. I decided to give it a try, and Bingo!! :) is got installed in one shot. Ahhh. finally!

Day1 - April 21st - Tuesday
The Google summer of code result was out.
I saw my results at 6am in the morning, then went to college.
My hard disk had failed on sunday, and
as the results of Gsoc were out, i wanted to start early on my project, so i bought a new hard disk. (the old wil take min 7 days for replacement).

I had some trouble installing on my comp, because the Fedora dvd i was using to install fedora, was giving an error and as a result, on Tuesday I failed in booting my system up, inspite of all my efforts.


  1. Technically, I am too Naive to comment on this. But, I can see, you are to busy and a lot of hardwork.

    Keep going...get going

  2. Thanks. At least there is one person on this Earth who thinks i m working hard :)