Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Library ---"Kconversation"

Kconversation--Library to access your conversations.

I m trying to make a list of jobs i want my library to do.

Consider the hierarchy.

Logs folder->Protocol folders ->Local contact id folders -> chat files.

More to come soon. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Design of the Project ---

Day7 --April27th

On one side is the Application, Kopete history plugin, and Telepathy watcher,
in between lies Akonadi server and at the rightmost is the backend(logs).

If we divide the pic in 2 parts, left and right, then the rightmost part is actually or will be a framework for logging conversatons.

Two important functions identified for the library are
1. It consists of a Konversation class, which represents a conversation. This class consists of only the chat data.
A conversation has 3 important parts at the moment,

a) date/time
b) nick/contact name
c) your text chats

2.The second part of the library write/read of the chats, will be used extensively by the resource. An important function of the library can be identified as *assisting* the resource.
When a chat is initiated in kopete, the history plugin
will send chats to Akonadi. When this request is made,
the resource then passes chat object to the library, and lets the
library handle how/where it is going to save it.

When kopete(client) asks for old chats, the resource then uses the library to fetch the chats from the backend.

So Library becomes the framework, that manages the text chats(logs). The in depth details of how the library will assist still needs to be worked out by me!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Progress till now.

Day4 - April 24nd -friday
Its been one and half hour since i hv come back from college, and i m sitting on on my lappy, tring to build kde. :)
That was the story till now.

Day3 - April 23nd -thursday

Coming back home after installation, i started to install Kde.
Wednesday night, whole of thursday. Complete time i had on thursday i spend my day, reading how to install kde from svn.
I spend my whole complete day, in trying to download and install kde.
Even the whole day was not enough, as kde also took some time, in downloading, and as the linux installation was new i had to install certain other dependencied of kde as well. I slept at 5am(can be considered friday) but the installation was still not complete.

Day2 - April 22nd -wednesday
Trouble by the fact the my dvd was giving errors in installation, i went to the man i brought the dvd from. He gave me another dvd. Now it just so happend that i got the same error from that dvd also.
This time i took my lappy to his home, along with the dvd.
Now the war begins. Both of us, me and that man(who was the authorised Distributor of) linux flavours, together we spent some minimum 4 hours trying to install linux in it. In all the dvd's and in all possible combinations we got all kinds of errors we could.
Result was a failure.
Just when i was about to loose hope, i spotted a linux cd in his drawer. This was the same dvd i once got free with Magazine, Linux For you. I decided to give it a try, and Bingo!! :) is got installed in one shot. Ahhh. finally!

Day1 - April 21st - Tuesday
The Google summer of code result was out.
I saw my results at 6am in the morning, then went to college.
My hard disk had failed on sunday, and
as the results of Gsoc were out, i wanted to start early on my project, so i bought a new hard disk. (the old wil take min 7 days for replacement).

I had some trouble installing on my comp, because the Fedora dvd i was using to install fedora, was giving an error and as a result, on Tuesday I failed in booting my system up, inspite of all my efforts.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Google Summer of Code Proposal Accepted. Yoo!!! :)

The results were out at late night on monday. I was so scared about my proposal!
But finally when the results came out, yooo!!! My proposal was accepted.
For some hours i was so euphoric that...( i dont know how to explain :) ).
It is a dream come true to me. No doubt i did work hard for the proposal, but there is a lot of difference in submitting the proposal and actually getting selected for it.

I will post more as soon as possible. :)
The proposal can be seen here

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally i m freee :)

Just after submitting my Gsoc proposal, i had my internals, and after internals, i started to work on my OpenGL project.
My intention was to finish the GL project before 20th april, so that just in case i get selected for Gsoc ,i would be able to concentrate more on it.
And INDEED i hv nearly finished it. :) yes!!!!

Now, This wait for 20th April, is nearly Killing me!! (results for Soc will be out on that day).

But yo, i hv got college fest on sat, sunday, this means fun time. :)
Just Chill!!! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things have started to roll..

i dont know what i had been waiting for in my life, but now finally things have started to roll.
I m working towards what i want, and i m working full time, that is toward the google summer of code, and my classes.
These days i hv started to wish, "God, give me more than 24 hours in a day" :)
Certainly thats not gonna happen, and afterall success is about staying in your limits and still winning. :)

Internal exams from 6th april-9th april
gotta study :)