Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gsoc proposal finally ready. :)

This year has been really busy for me.
First in January i was busy with my project of character recognition, which is stll not complete, and then from mid February i got busy with Google's summer of code.
Really, i should have entered in FOSS world earlier. But honestly i never knew that its so big, vast and powerful. I only realised that after i had gone through the list of all the organizations that took part in Gsoc 2008, along with their ideas, really cool.
Finally i found KDE :) An organization i hv fallen in love with.

I selected the project of the telepathy watcher and i hv been really working hard for it. Finally after so many days of long effort i can say that my Proposal is finally ok enough to be submitted. :)

I have absolutely no idea, my proposal will be accepted or rejected, but all i know that it has been a great learning experince, and i will stick to hacking KDE. :)
My mentor for this proposal George Goldberg says that "the Proposal is very good", i hope i get this proposal, i m dying to work with kde :P

So? i m going to submit my proposal right now("wish me luck", :-) ), rest of the story will follow soon.
take care.

who am i? :)

Since this is the beginning of my blogs, i think i should write about who i m!
Born in Patna, currently in 3rd year of engineering,CS Department, PESIT Bangalore.
More to come soon ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hey its my first blog ;)

this is my first blog.
So this is more or less just a test.
I new to blogging :)